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Posted in Boat Motors by admin on February 5, 2010

I need to change out my lower unit on my outboard , can you help?

I have a 1988 Johnson 225 V6 Counter Rotation . I need a new lower Unit . I am only running 1 outboard on my boat. Can I change to standard rotation lower unit & change my prop. An can I use other equal yeared V6 lower unit ? Are the Shafts interchangeable to...I mean it is only the lenght , or are they directional too?
I broke the casing. I figured the casing is a nuetral unit and the gearing creating direction of turn >> CORRECT ?
Now does the shaft have anything to do with the direction of turn > Meaning is it neutral gear at the base of the shaft that connects to directional gearing or does the shaft itself directional? I would accept emailed answers at
Okay , we've got it narrowed now ! So , I can take my counter rotating lower unit & Shaft off & replace it with a standard rotation lower unit and change shaft >> then put proper prop on ? And this can be done with any V6 Johnson Lower Unit ?

Drive shaft always spins clockwise. Forward and reverse gears are the same ratio, meshed with the drive shaft pinion 100% of the time, and freewheeling on the propshaft. Clutch dog is splined to the propshaft in between the gears. Shifting moves the clutch dog forward or aft to engage a gear, with 2 or 4 square "ears" that fit into slots inside (closer to the propshaft than) the drive gear teeth. It's the direction of clutch dog travel that determines the direction of rotation. I don't remember which, whether the shift rod pulls up for forward & down for reverse or vice versa, but on the counterrotation gearbox, shift into forward moves the clutch dog aft, spinning the propshaft CCW, and vice versa. I don't know how this is accomplished inside the gearbox.
"And this can be done with any V6 Johnson Lower Unit ?" I'm not qualified to make a sweeping statement like that. Some part of what I posted above may turn out to be incorrect and if so I'll owe you an apology -- it's what I believe based on general experience, but not specific to your motor. I'm not real clear on the mechanics of whether the shift mechanism on the powerhead is different, or whether the difference is inside the gearbox.

Compare part numbers -- you can view parts catalogues and schematic diagrams online at click on 'electronic parts catalogues'. They'll have the standard and C/R in there. If part numbers are different, with some digging you should be able to get dimensions & specs and find out if it'll work. Might be a breeze or it might be complicated, too soon to predict. A close friend in the business would be real helpful about now.

Drive shaft very likely won't need changing. With any luck you'll end up with a good supply of useable spare parts.

Here's another good resource: some real OMC oldtimers on that board.

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