Used Boat Motors Maintenance – Ways to Keep Boat Motors in Top Shape

Just like brand new motors, used boat motors need careful maintenance. In fact, a used motor may require extra effort from you. If you can properly maintain your boat engine, then you will be able to use it for a very long time. You can also prevent engine troubles if the motor is well maintained. So here are some simple tips to keep your boat motor in top shape.

1. Always inspect the fuel line before and after a trip. You have to check if there are cracks on the fuel line or spots that have degenerated. Even if you are not going on a boat trip, it would be best to periodically check the fuel line of your boat engine so you can fix problems immediately.

2. You have to check if the primer bulb is still in good shape. If it is still pliable, then you can be assured that the fuel primer bulb is still in perfect form. You also need to check if the fuel line fitting is not leaking.

3. Closely inspect your fuel tank and look for signs of corrosion or rusting. Aside from the fuel tanks, the clamps of the fuel line should also be free from corrosion. You can do patch up work like removing the rust and applying a coat of marine paint on your fuel tank. For heavy corrosion, you may have to replace these parts in order to keep your boat safer.

Always clean used boat motors and regularly check for damages and corrosion. By following these tips, you can ensure that your boat motor will always be in top shape.

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